Junior Jr Señor Jr – RULES

Today we’re having a look at what these Halflings can do!

Junior Jr Señor Jr are here! Well, one of them is. The other is hanging around like some creepy helicopter parent who is also a ghost. It’s… a strange family dynamic, that’s for sure.

Anyway, this pair of Halflings is out on Friday, so it’s time to dive into the ring and see exactly what Junior will bring to your wrestling roster!

The Card

Junior Jr has his own stat card and – like the Fabulous Atoq, it’s brand new and shiny! So gold and lovely.

Just like yesterday, Junior’s card has all his moves on the front, so no more flipping cards to see what he can do. And boy oh boy can he do some things. Let’s look, shall we?

The Stats

Holy guacamole! Those are some KILLER stats right there. ATTACK of 1 Silver, 1 Copper +2 means Junior will always be scoring at least 2 and a great chance of a Beatdown. In fact, this WEIGHT 1 wrestler can get an instant KO on a basic Brawl attack! Nuts.

His DEFENCE isn’t amazing, but is amazing for a Halfling, so he won’t take much hurt! GRAPPLE again on 2 Copper is pretty middling, but +1 again means he won’t be grappled much, even if it’s not his speciality.

DEXTERITY is a good one. Not quite The Fabulous Atoq level, but only 1 below that! That’s a fantastic DEX, so Junior Jr will often be an excellent choice to go first.

Of course, talking about stats we can’t ignore his Stamina. With only 5 he’s not the toughest guy around (provided you’re able to hit him!), so you do want to be careful when facing off against any massive opponents. He’s just a Halfling after all!  A Halfling luchador legend possessed by his deceased father, but a Halfling none the less.

The Skills

Junior Jr has 3 great skills to choose from, all focusing on raw attack power.

Diving Splash is a solid Rope Attack which allows him to jump over intervening wrestlers to attack those your opponent might think are safely hidden away. With 3 Silver dice and 2 DMG as standard, this is an excellent move for taking on weaker supporting characters.

Flying Hurricanrana will use up most of your AP for the round and only has a Range of 4, but 2G+1, 3 DMG and Dazed AND Shove 3 means you’re likely to do a lot of hurt and also give a good chance at a follow up Rope Attack if you land carefully and shove your opponent just right.

The big money-maker here though is The 666. This is a crazy powerful move, doing 4 DMG. Its 3 Copper attack is wildly unpredictable, but has a potential for massive numbers, knocking that damage even higher! There is a downside to this signature move though: your opponent has to be in base contact with the ropes. Some may see that as a negative, but I actually think it’s a positive. With the threat of 4 DMG (and possibly a Beatdown), it’ll really make your opponent think twice about hugging the ropes, leaving them open to Rope Attacks from your other wrestlers!

Alma Por Alma

Junior Jr has a special Passive Ability, and it’s a good one!

Basically, if Junior Jr is KO’d, Señor Jr takes over and possesses his body! Once down to 0 Stamina, you have until the end of the round before actually being KO’d. This is great because your opponent will have to plan in advance to get you out of the ring, and with Junior’s excellent DEX, there’s a good chance he’ll  get back on his feet again before they get the chance to eject him!

Of course, that’s just the tip of the iceberg with this move. Señor Jr, as a ghost, draws power from the living. If in that time you can KO another wrestler, you get all your Stamina back again! Of course that begs the question of whether to go first with Junior Jr or leave him until later in the round to get a better chance at a KO, but that’s up to you!

All in all, with his many (many) pluses to his core stats, some highly damaging moves and the fantastic Alma Por Alma, Junior Jr Señor Jr is one of the most reliable wrestlers in the game. We definitely have a new favourite Halfling in the office! Move aside Halfling Grappler, get out the way Tartan! Move it or lose it Peso Completo… oh, you won’t move? Okay, you’re good, you can stay.

Junior Jr Señor Jr are coming to the TTCombat webstore tomorrow! And that’s not all – we’ve seen The Fabulous Atoq, and we still have Sapphire Fiend to look at tomorrow too! These awesome new Superstars are just the start of Moote Carlo, and will work perfectly with the flipping and jumping of the Lords of the Ring too.

We’ll be back tomorrow with more rules and also with models ready to buy! RUUUUUUMBLESLAAAAAM!

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  1. At what time will the little bundle of awesomeness be available to buy today??? The anticipation and excitement is killing me!!!!!

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