Teaser Tuesday Two – Halflings

Tiny Teaser Tuesday! Actually BIG teaser, tiny warriors!

That’s right, we have 2 Teaser Tuesdays today! Not only are there new RUMBLESLAM Superstars launching this week, but some of our Halflings are also going up for pre-order!

Those wanting Halflings have been patient, and now we’re rewarding you!

We’re releasing our first wave of Halfling Fantasy Heroes miniatures, starting with the incredibly popular Shield Maidens!

There are several regiments coming this week, along with cavalry and warmachines.

The Walrus Riders are particularly aggressive (at least the walruses are), and they come in two forms – spears or hand weapons.

Each of the regiments will be available separately, as will the heroes. We’ll also have an army deal as well.

Oh and did I mention bears? Oh yes!

These are currently only going to be available in the TTCombat webstore, with a full retail release to go to your FLGS shortly after. And this is just the first batch of Halflings! Trust us, there are lots more on the way too.

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