Teaser Tuesday – 3 NEW CHALLENGERS

It’s Tuesday, and we’re slowly resuming some kind of normal release schedule so….

It’s Teaser Tuesday again!

This week we’re picking up right where we left off, and introducing the first* 3 Superstars into the brand new casino Moote Carlo!

Junior Jr Señor Jr is our first new contender. We actually saw his (their?) artwork last year, with a vital part removed – that part is Señor Jr’s ghost!

Junior Jr is an extremely powerful wrestler, flipping around all over the ring. A seasoned veteran, he takes in his father’s footsteps – sometimes a little literally, as the deceased Señor Jr from time to time possesses the helpless wrestler, guiding his actions in death just as he inspired him in life.

Next we have the Fabulous Atoq! This elven wrestler was last seen being painted just before lock-down, and now he’s all done and ready for the ring!

The Fabulous Atoq is a mysterious elf who lives south of south of the border Moote Carlo. He travels to the casino town frequently, always dazzling crowds with his acrobatic charm and impressing men and women alike with his steely gaze. Fast beyond measure, a whoosh of his cape signals his use of speed to overcome any foe!

Our final new Superstar today is the one, the only, legend that he is – the Sapphire Fiend! *crowd goes wild*

One of the most famous Superstars of all time, the Sapphire Fiend is powerful beyond measure. Outrageously strong, this furry hulk will give even Trihorn a run for his dosh! Not just a wrestling legend, the Sapphire Fiend is also a veteran moviestar, and sometimes that thirst for the attention gets the better of him. When the spotlight is on him, don’t expect much more than cheers, waves and roars from this absolute icon of the sport.


All three of these new Superstars are out THIS FRIDAY! If you’ve run out of wrestlers to paint, it’s not long to wait before you get to add these to your roster. And don’t forget, there’s already some Moote Carlo waiting for you in the webstore. It’s an up and coming casino with plenty more on offer in the future.

Later this week we’ll be having a look at what these three (four?) bring to the ring and into your games of RUMBLESLAM!


*Don’t forget Mushcles!

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