WIP – RUMBLESLAM Wrestler Reveal

This week we take a look at a new RUMBLESLAM mini from Mootecarlo that is coming to a ring near you!

So, by now you should all know there is a new casino on the way and Lewis has told me to show off a new superstar that will be coming next year.

First up, feast your eyes on Rei’s brilliant art and get a sense of what all you Rumblefans will be seeing when it’s released. We have had to redact some of the image but more will be revealed closer to fight night.

This muscular little Luchador looks, at first glance,  like he is carrying around some sort of bee-hive but I can reveal that things are a little more other worldly than that.

Here we get a better view of the pose of this miniature but im afraid his back story is still under wraps and that’s all the info I can give you for now.

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