Monday Motivation. Traitor PHR.

It’s Monday, it’s time for some Motivation. Something a little different this week. It’s PHR from Dropzone Commander but with a twist. Let’s have a look at John Simpson Wedge’s army and their unique character!

John came up with the idea of PHR that no longer follow the directions from the White Sphere, and have essentialy, struck out on their own. Whether this happens or not we don’t know, the PHR of course are very secretive.

However I love the idea of building an army from a ‘what if’ scenario, and John has even written some fluff to go with his army:

Post Human Republic Grand Fleet Contingency Doctrines 32. Operation Ides of March ++Command Cadre Eyes Only++

Premise: 1. Republic Commanders are selected for their leadership and command skills and their battlespace reasoning.

2. Field Officers are empowered to make critical command decisions autonomously and independently.

3. Fleet Command retains control of officers, and consequently the units under their command, through synchronous directive updates to their neural firmware via TTC/DTC handshakes. These include campaign objective appraisals, battlespace information updates, and empathic harmonising code revisions. A Commander who fails to complete the handshake may suffer ‘directive drift’ and grow incompatible with Fleet Command.

Conclusion: A Field Officer who repeatedly fails to complete TTC/DTC handshakes represents a significant potential hazard to Fleet Command, and thus Republic mission objectives.

Their knowledge including the location of Home Soil, combined with their leadership acumen and command skills make them a Level One threat.

Solution: The Ides of March Contingency is a termination order for a Republic Field Officer. It may only be enacted when Fleet Command reaches a four-fifths majority consensus.

Once the contingency is activated, a task force shall be assembled. It shall be placed under the direct command of an officer selected by Fleet Command. Without reducing the efficacy or morale of the force, this force shall draw members from across multiple regiments and squadrons with sufficient diversity to;

a. Demonstrate the unity of purpose of the Grand Fleet in enacting this Contingency.

b. Avoid reprisals or blame becoming attached to a single squadron or regiment.

c. Ensure that the contingency does not become de rigueur for any single squadron or regiment.

The task force shall be painted with AO appropriate camouflage, however this shall only be applied to 75% of each unit’s armour. The remaining plating shall retain the original unit heraldry. This shall represent both the diverse make up of the task force, and that the Contingency is not a secret or hidden act but an open declaration.

The task force’s sole mission shall be to format the target Field Officer and return their digitech components for analysis. Units under the target’s direct command shall be considered corrupted and either eliminated or contained for interrogation and possible reintegration. Upon completion of the mission, the task force shall be disbanded. Each task force member, both biological and familiar, shall have a commendation against their record for exemplary service, and a mark for additional psychological evaluation and screening.

And some photos of the army itself:

Great work John, hope you enjoy your table top battles with your traitorous PHR army.

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Have a great week everyone, and please keep safe in these difficult times.


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