Exclusives – Now for Longer!

Exclusive news!

In celebration of the warehouse opening up again with reduced staff, we’ve had the show Exclusives available for the past week.

Well, due to such popular demand, we’ve decided to keep them all available for the weekend! They’ll be coming off sale at the end of Sunday. Well, Monday morning UK time by the time I’ve woken up – gives anyone visiting Baker Island time to get their orders in. Yes I just looked that up.

So if you want to pick up your Pungari Thresher…

Or a Carnevale Classics Raadru…

You’ve got the weekend to do so!


A last little note. Thank you to everyone placing orders at the moment and supporting TTCombat. It’s a difficult time for everyone right now, and while our warehouse workers are busting their butts to get everything done, we’re all thankful for everyone for making it worth their while leaving home to go in.

And thank you to everyone again for your continued patience during this time! We’re getting orders out as quickly as possible and have a tiny portion of the customer service team going through emails to check orders and send out replacements. If you’re waiting on an email, we definitely will get to you, it’s just there’s a lot to go through.

If you’re waiting on orders from before, during, or post-lockdown, be advised that there is a delay on them getting processed, since we’re only allowed a certain number of staff in the warehouse. There’s also a delay to postal services throughout the world at the moment, so when your parcel gets sent, it could take longer than you expect to arrive. The best advise we can give is patience and to check with your local sorting office. Oh and of course treat your postal workers well since they’re keeping us all going at the moment!

Anyway, that’s it for us this week – head over to get your exclusives in the TTCombat webstore, and remember to stay safe and stay inside!

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    1. As an exclusive she’s not available all the time! However, we will be selling her once more before she’s retired at the end of this year. Keep an eye out here for news when that happens! 🙂

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