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Hello everyone! It’s Friday, which means it’s new release day!

Wait, I’m just being told that in fact it’s not Friday and is in fact Wednesday, my dudes. Who really knows what day it is at the moment with all this lock-down stuff? I can’t tell if I’ve been at home for a week or a hundred years.

So anyway, too late now – it’s new release time, whether you like it or not!

Although we’re still operating a reduced service, we wanted to get some things out for anyone doing a little painting in quarantine, so we’ve decided to release every single Carnevale miniature separately! So any Kickstarter backers can pick up just the new miniatures, or if you want to expand your gang or even just pick up a new painting project, now’s your chance!

These miniatures are direct only, so you can only get them on the TTCombat webstore (not that you can go anywhere else at the moment anyway).

All of the Guild miniatures are here, including brand new characters like the Arbalest. She’s a great Henchman choice – nice and cheap in Ducats and armed with a seriously long-ranged crossbow.

How about a Madame to lead your gang? You don’t need to have Harlots – she comes with a ton of Command Points, so can be useful for anyone!

Starter Gangs are also being split apart, including the Patricians. You can pick up this excellent Barnabotti – great in Carnevale, but also a fantastic piece to paint for an RPG setting.

Or maybe you fancy a couple of Cat Burglars or some more City Guard? All available separately to swell your fancy ranks!

All of the Doctors are available separately, from the highest ranking Doctor of the Mind to the lowest (and craziest) Madman. If you need some extra Will Point batteries, now’s a good chance.

It’s not just character figures though, all of the Doctors’ beast experiments are available to order too, from barely-alive Lions to winged Gorillas.

All the newest releases are here too! The Rashaar get the entire Dagon Fanatics box in addition to the rest of their range, including the stunning Demagogue.

There are a couple of Lesser Ugdru that complement the 2-Player Starter box, an extra Raadru can’t hurt (well, it hurts your opponents. And your Slaves I guess – which are also available), or take the chance to add some magic with the Aglaope.

Gifted also get the same treatment, although most of their miniatures are already separate! The Commedia dell’Arte is now available separately.

These characters are all unique and all very powerful. But more importantly, you can add them to any other gang from any other faction! There are 4 Henchmen and a Leader in there, which means very few restrictions on what gang they can join!

The Vatican are one of the best factions to come out of this release, as they have had some killer new miniatures like the heavily armoured Avignon Guard, now available separately for the first time.

The Inquisition box had some great new miniatures, but if you didn’t want to double up on your Inquisition Commissioners, you can now get the Witch Finder, Inquisitorial Spy, and Stalker separately!

Now, we know that it’s hard to play a gang of Vlad and his three Brides. A legal gang costs 126 Ducats with 3 Thralls in tow! So why not pick up just Vlad or one or two of his Brides separately?

The Romani sub-faction are also all there as well. So whether you want to double down on your Romani Henchmen for the free Cantrips (and who would blame you?) or try your hand at painting the Tarot Reader – a real painter’s project with all those cards, head over to the store to check them out!


All of these miniatures are available to order right now. Check them out on the TTCombat webstore. All are available online only, from £5 for Henchmen, £7 for Heroes and Leaders, and £10 for individual monsters. With the Gang Builder now up and running again, it’s a good time to build your perfect gang!

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