WIP Wednesday – RUMBLESLAM Painting

This week it’s painting in progress with Fin Lewis!

With Fin being unwell Lewis has stepped in and decided to go ahead with painting and he’s taking on RUMBLESLAM.

We will be taking a quick look at Moote Carlo’s very own The Fabulous Atoq which he has only just started, if he doesn’t like it he shouldn’t be leaving things laying around for me to show you all.

We have some real exciting things coming to RUMBLESLAM soon. If you haven’t picked it up yet, head to our webstore here and have a look at what we have available.

I hope you like the look of this and can’t wait to see it once it’s complete. If you have something that you’ve painted and would love to show us, please send us photos to info@ttcombat.com. We may even feature your work on a Monday Motivation post!

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