A Tactical Look – Gangs of Dagon

The followers of Dagon are a pervasive and varied bunch. Let’s have a look at how you can use the various cult forces in your games of Carnevale!

With the Dagon Fanatics box coming out at the end of the week, I’ve been asked to put together a few lists to show off the new adherents to the church. I’ve put together 3 completely different and totally viable* lists for you to sink your teeth into.

Cult Classic

The first list is a combination of the Dagon Fanatics box and the Church of Dagon box. Here we’ll be playing a bit like the Guild but with a bit more unity of purpose. This particular list contains;

  • 1 Voice of Dagon
  • 1 Demagogue
  • 1 Cult Enforcer
  • 3 Dagon Officiant
  • 1 Urchin
  • 1 Gondola

This is one offensively based list. Despite having no monsters you have a crazy amount of damage output if you can take the alpha strike. Batter up your chosen victim with the Enforcer beforehand for an even easier time thanks to that stun counter. It’ll be best to save your Voice’s command points for extra actions and Blessing of Dagon, rather than for the stun. That said though, it’s handy in a pinch to get any assailants into deep trouble. Your Urchin here can provide taxi service for the adults, 5 Dex is plenty enough to scull a gondola.

Gotta Swim Fast

This list focuses on turning monsters into speedboats and/or submarines. Its focal point is the Handler and you’ll need to set up with his movement boost in mind. We’ll be using as many monsters as we can fit into a 100 ducat list, which includes;

  • 1 Voice of Dagon
  • 1 Handler
  • 1 Raadru
  • 2 Lesser Ugdru
  • 1 Slave
  • Limewater Rebreather

Back to the Rashaar standard of low count, high quality. This list is all about getting any one of your monsters as far into your opponent’s side of the board as quickly as possible. We also include a Limewater Rebreather just in case you want a Raadru appear on the other side of the board for whatever reason. If you’ve played a lot of monster-focused Rashaar lists you should be right at home with this list. For those of you more comfortable with keeping your big guys alive, you might want to swap the Rebreather and slave for an Urchin and Flashbang.

Lagoon Trip

Our final list revolves around trying to get as many Urchins in a gang while also maybe actually not being bad. To that end, I present to you, a lot of Urchins;

  • 1 Voice of Dagon
  • 1 Demagogue
  • 1 Dagonite Priest
  • 5 Urchins
  • 1 Slave

This list isn’t really that tough of a list, but it does have a lot of tiny, stabby bodies. You’ll need to make use of them while they’re still useful as the support pieces in this list will likely be your opponents primary targets. Keep the Urchins around the Demagogue to make them scarier than they actually are and to make sure they get the First Strike from the Demagogue’s command ability. Taking Blood Rites on the Priest for Bloodlust is a good plan and Abyssal Mist is a good second pick. Considering what the Urchins are good at it’s safe to say you should be disengaging with them as much as possible. The more Urchins you get into combat, the better Unassuming gets.

These three lists are just some of the many you can make thanks to the Dagon Fanatics box. A great addition to the already fairly balanced toolbox available to Rashaar players, you’ll be able to specialise your gang to the kind of game you want to play. With all these great new additions, it’s never been a better time to introduce yourself to the Church of Dagon.

You can find the Dagon Fanatics box as well as the rest of the Rashaar faction over on our webstore!

*Probably not all 3, but it’s pretty close.

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