Teaser Tuesday – Sector 3

Down down down into the Industrial Hive again this week!

We’re carrying on with our crawl along walkways and through pipes this week with our relaunch of Sector 3 of the Industrial Hive!

A few weeks ago we re-released a bunch of Industrial Hive kits from Sector 1, and this week we’re skipping ahead to Sector 3!

Sector 1 kits tend to be made of simple isometric shapes and girders – perfect for filling out your board with vast paths and varying heights. However, Sector 1 doesn’t have any circles, and that’s where Sector 3 comes in! Full of cylinders and spheres, Sector 3 makes for some excellent line of sight blocking scenery that’s of course fully compatible with all our other Industrial Hive kits.

This Sector – much like Sector 1 – has been completely redesigned from the ground up (or as close to the actual ground as you get in the Industrial Hive) to be more modular, more playable, and better value for money!

The sets coming on Friday have a collection of silos, vats, spheres, walkways and more!


What’s more, this time round the iconic silos of Sector 3 are completely stackable, as are the smaller platforms and staircases, making some new kits that are really easy to put together in thousands of combinations.

We’ll leave you with that today, and be back on Friday with the full range of new Sector 3 releases! Until then, check out all the Industrial Hive kits already available, and make sure to snap up some of the older Sector 3 sets before they go off sale for good.

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