Carnevale Rules Update

There are so many updated rules today!

It’s Carnevale launch day which means new characters, but we’ve also got some tweaks to a bunch of other characters too. Let’s just get stuck in, shall we?

Character Updates

Every time we have new releases for Carnevale we take a bit of time to look at those factions and – if needed – make some balance tweaks. This time the Guild and the Rashaar get a bit of a look at.

Following on from our updates to pistols last month, a few other ranged weapons have had some updates to make them a bit more competitive.

  • Arbalests and Strigoi Thralls have had a big range increase on their Crossbows, increasing them to a massive 30″ range! This means your sniper units will actually be able to snipe.
  • Handbows have had their range increased to 15″ as well. This affects Recruiters and Stalkers.
  • The Prince of Thieves has updated his Concealed Pistol too, and while he still has to Reload it every time he fires, it’s got a +2 Damage modifier! However, this little hidden device is only designed to  be short ranged, so can only fire 4″ now. Dangerous up close, that’s for sure!
  • Finally in our ranged weapons update, the Baroni has had a big boost, which you can see above. Baronis can now fire their twin pistols in two modes – single or twin. Single Duelling Pistols can shoot repeatedly without Reloading at all! That’s amazing. But maybe more impressive is the Twin Duelling Pistols stat, which needs reloading after each shot, but the two together do a huge +3 Damage! Shoot that though and you HAVE to reload before firing either profile.

The Rashaar have a few characters seeing updates too!

  • Apologies to Karcharos fans, as we don’t just buff, but sometimes nerf too. Karcharoses (Karcharosi? Karcharodes?) were a bit too powerful before, coming in cheaper than a Raadru and being better in almost every way. So we rounded one up and attacked it with the nerf bat. They’re still equally deadly, but you’ll find them a bit easier to kill with lowered Protection and Life Points.
  • It’s not all bad news though, since the Dagonite Priest has gained a new special rule! Sacrifice allows him to replenish Will Points when stabbing people with his Sacrificial Dagger. Take Kraken’s Breath or Groundsnap all you want!

The Demolitionist

We have a new Gifted entering Venice today too, so let’s have a quick look at her rules.

This lady is pretty dangerous. But very unpredictable too! A few key features:

  • She’s a Henchman! That means you can use her to bulk out your gang, whether Gifted or anything else. At 16 Ducats she’s not the cheapest Henchman ever, but is the cheapest Gifted Henchman!
  • With only Attack 3 she can definitely do pretty badly on her Attack rolls, but don’t forget that Berserk not only gives an extra Action Point but also +1 Attack too. And Expert Marksman (2) means she’ll likely be hitting more than missing.
  • Mindless means she can’t score Objectives, but is that really a problem? For all-Gifted gangs it might be! For everyone else? Just point her in the direction of enemies and watch her go.
  • The Bombs are the big draw here, with Blast and Smoke and +2 Damage they’re really useful for dealing with crowds of enemies, particularly lightly armoured ones.
  • 5 Will Points means you can rack up that damage a lot!
  • Watch out for Deathwish. If in base contact she can only use her Bombs, and the Blast marker means you’ll definitely hit yourself too. I like to think of this as a great way to activate Berserk. I’m a glass half-full sort of arsonist!

The End

“But wait!” I hear you cry, “there are loads of other new characters this week!”

Well, that’s true. In fact, there are so many that we’re going to be having a more in depth look at all of those tomorrow, so pop back then. In the meantime, don’t forget to pre-order your new Guild or Rashaar or the Demolitionist today!

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