New Releases – Carnevale

We’ve got brand new models and brand new scenery today!

It’s a bumper day for Carnevale fans, as we have a massive amount of new characters, two new boxed sets, a Gifted, and a bunch more modular Streets of Venice buildings too!

Dagon Fanatics

Crawling forth from the sunken district of San Canciano, the Dagon Fanatics are here! These more militant members of the Church of Dagon bring all sorts of new abilities to your Rashaar gang.

This boxed set contains five brand new Carnevale characters. Brand new sculpts never before seen (not even on the Kickstarter).

The set includes three Hero choices and two Henchmen options, making it the perfect companion box for the Church of Dagon boxed set.

There’s a Demagogue with a burning hot brand, able to command the Rashaar like no other.

A deadly Enforcer is a large human(ish) character armed with a massive iron mace. She’s great at fighting and extremely tough too!

The Handler with his Herding Spear knows all about the larger creatures of the Rashaar, and his time spent with them has made him all the better at identifying weak spots in other monsters. He’s also great at poking friendly monsters to be a bit faster!

Finally there are two Urchins. While they’re clothed only in a few rags and armed with the crudest Flint Daggers, they’re so unassuming that most people won’t pay too much attention to them. That is until they’ve pickpocketed their possessions and stabbed them in the back for good measure as they run away!

This boxed set not only contains beautiful models, but is also a great choice for upgrading your Rashaar ground game. Most of these characters are great at swimming, but are even better holding the floor while your bigger monsters swim into vantage points. A good buy, and at £22 the’re a bargain too!

House of Virtue

This is the boxed set that many have been waiting for in the Guild, and contains some brand new character classes that you didn’t even know you wanted!

This new box is a complete gang in itself, and even has two brand new character classes with amazing new miniatures.

The gang is led by the Madame. With flowing skirts, a nice fan and a deadly Garter Pistol, her primary role is to direct the gang. With a whopping 6 Command Points and 6 Will Points she is the support character to end all support characters! She also is one of the only characters in the game to have 2 Command Abilities, which means she can instruct her gang offensively or defensively, depending on what the situation calls for.

The gang’s Hero choice is a Dancer. Armed with some castanets (not so helpful) and a Poisoned Needle (more helpful), her main benefit for your gang is directing people around where they need to be through interpretive dance! But just in case you think she’s just another support role (I mean, 3 Command Points and the ability to make other characters move is pretty awesome), her Poisoned Weapons do more damage the more offensive your enemy. It can turn your opponent’s plans very quickly!

The large lady in the centre is an Escort, and while she’s fairly formidable, she’s but a humble Henchman choice. Big and dangerous with her sword, her best use is using the Bodyguard rule to rush into combat should her friendly Heroes and Henchmen get into trouble.

Finally the House of Virtue is rounded out with two Harlots. These Henchman class characters can do a lot of damage with their Stilettos, and are very hard to hit back thanks to their off-putting defensive skills and ability to blend in seemingly anywhere.

This complete gang is available now, for £22. A complete gang for that? Nice!


The Guild are joined as well today by an old crone!

Baba-Yaga is a unique character for the Guild, and weird one at that!

This ancient being has lived for centuries, appearing to those who need her, and only after a vicious blood sacrifice. Riding into battle on a giant mortar, she uses her pestle to crush foes, and is the Guild’s answer to magic users.

A Mage as powerful as many even in the Rashaar, her spells are devastating and she can suck the Life Points out of nearby friendly characters (they had the nerve to summon her, after all) and turn it into Will Points to keep casting spells of her own.

Baba-Yaga is a big ol’ mystical character, coming in at £12.

The Demolitionist

Our final character today is a new Gifted. Originally part of a scenario specifically written for her, the Demolitionist is now open up for everyone to hire – just watch out for collateral damage.

This Gifted character does one thing, and one thing only: throws bombs.

She can’t score Objectives and doesn’t care too much for her own safety, but her bombs are extremely dangerous, doing massive amounts of damage to anyone in an area. That’ll teach your opponents to cluster together!

Unfortunately she’s got a bit of a deathwish, and will throw Bombs at her own feet if it causes damage to her enemies. The Rent in the Sky gifted her with dulled senses – including pain – which means she cares little for anything buy loud, bright, and painful explosions.

The Demolitionist is a Gifted character (and a Henchman at that), which means you can add her to any gang for her listed Ducat cost. Also her listed actual cost, which incidentally is £8.


All of these Carnevale miniatures are available on the TTCombat webstore to pre-order now in time for their release date next week.

But that’s not all! We’ve got a whole load of Streets of Venice buildings today too!

Ruined Streets of Venice

There are 5 new buildings today!

These new Ruined Modular buildings are – as the name suggests – all ruined and all modular!

The sets open up brand new opportunities for Carnevale gameplay, giving multiple floors per kit which allows you to freely climb up or down without as much risk of falling. Even gangs like the Vatican and Rashaar will be able to find their way up to the rooftops with these sets no problem!

The Ruined kits are excellent for making a more dilapidated part of Venice, maybe in San Canciano, Cannaregio after the Vatican stormed it, or even San Polo after the Black Night and the Morgraur smashed everything apart!

The sets are also modular, which means you can attach them to any other modular kits in the Streets of Venice range, making a whole cluster of buildings. You can clip all of them together making a completely ruined section, or add the odd one or two ruined buildings onto the end of a row of houses to form a natural break in the street. Very handy!

All of these sets are available to order now!


That’s all from us today! Are you excited at these new Carnevale miniatures (we know we are), or how about adding some run down destroyed buildings to your board? These ruined sets will be useful for all sorts of games, let us know what you’re planning to use yours for!

Don’t forget to pop to the TTCombat webstore to pick up your new kits this weekend.

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