New Releases – Shaltari Starter and More!

It’s Shaltari time on the TTCombat webstore!

Today we’ve got a brand new Starter Army available for you all. It’s the enigmatic aliens the Shaltari!

This new set is getting the bumper XL treatment that the UCM and Scourge ones got. The Shaltari Starter Army is available now for £35, and contains:

  • The brand new Daimyo Battlesuit Commander. This little tyke can teleport enemies out of Garrisons and themselves away from enemy fire!
  • 8 bases of Shaltari Braves
  • 4 Haven Terragates
  • 6 Tomahawk battletanks
  • 6 Kukri anti-air tanks
  • 6 Eden Gates
  • An acrylic blast marker
  • Fastplay cards

So much stuff! It’s a whole army in a box. The Daimyo is a resin miniature and all the rest are hard plastic on sprues. The sprues actually come with a fair few extra Braves and Havens too, although this is our recommended starter army. Brucey bonus!

Fear not die-hard Shaltari players, as the Daimyo Battlesuit is available in a blister pack too.

For only £10 you get the Daimyo with gate-nano-botting bodyguards as well as two bases of Firstborn. The Daimyo can join units thanks to his Warband rule, and with its Close Quarters dominance, adding some Firstborns in there is a great combination!

Speaking of Firstborns, we’ve had restocks of these too!

For £8 you get four bases of these combat warriors. Armed with Phase Swords and Wave Pistols, they’re excellent shock troops. Their high armour Warsuits also mean that they can take a lot of return fire.

We’ve had new resin moulds made of these, although there are still a couple of metal blisters we recently found – pick them up while you have the chance!

Lastly today we have the Aaru Jaguar/Coyote, coming in at £12.

Originally an older exclusive named the Scorpion, we decided that this variant on the Jaguar was too good not to make fully available, and of course are giving you the option to make a Coyote instead! With an extra leg and integrated weapons compared to the original Warstrider design, this is the perfect kit if your army has a lot of Tarantulas.

We’ve also poked Dave with a pointy stick and asked him to make more Aaru pattern variants for the Warstriders, so look for those in the near future too!


All of these kits are on pre-order now. Pick them up over the weekend to have them shipped out to you in time for release next week! The new Daimyo Battlesuit has its rules updated on right now, so go ahead and check out all the havoc that it can cause in your games!

3 Replies to “New Releases – Shaltari Starter and More!”

  1. So the Aaru is a variant model, it just counts as a regular Jaguar or Coyote? This isn’t explained anywhere that I can find, so I’m not sure what to tell my opponents.

    1. That’s correct, it’s just an variant model of the Jaguar or Coyote, much the same as the recent Titania Pattern UCM sculpts. 🙂

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