Shaltari Tactics – Daimyo Command Suit

With todays new Shaltari Starter Set we have seen the new Daimyo Commander released for the Shaltari. Unique among Command choices as an infantry choice, let’s take a look at the Daimyo.

First of all, the Daimyo can be escorted a squad of Braves, Firstborn or even Pungari, hence you will see the Shaltari transport capacities have been slightly increased for Infantry slots.  It’s not absolutely crucial to give the Daimyo an escort, however it does mean he is more survivable and if it’s little party trick doesn’t work, his escort can just blast everyone to death.

Here the Daimyo is, to totally ruin your enemies plans.

At first glance the Daimyo is not very well armed, 4 shots, energy 3 in CQ and nothing else is, well, poor. However, if he causes a single point of damage against a squad in a garrison, he can immediately move that squad out of the garrison into the great outside. If you have some anti-infantry weapons set up out there, well that’s just some happy coincidence I’m sure.

What’s the giant portal being errected by it’s guardians I here you ask? Well after the Daimyo has entered a building, transported the enemy out of it to their bloody deaths it can simply have the portal set up and immediately go into holding. Even if the enemy do get back in, he’ll be long gone.

The Daimyo is a very unusual Commander in the game, but he, or she, I’m not even sure how gender works on Shaltari, fits the Shaltari perfectly. Completely ruining enemy plans and dissapearing before having to face any repurcusions.

I’ve been having a lot of fun with the Daimyo in games here in the office, seeing someones Exotic infantry being taken outside, away from transports and slaughtered is always a lot of fun, especially since it’s often gone by the time they get someone into the building.

The Daimyo is avaialble seperately or as apart of the new Shaltari starter set avaialble for pre-order from our webstore today.


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