RUMBLESLAM New Rules – Dirty

Let’s get dirrrty – just like Christina Aguilera says.

This week we’re taking a look at some of the rules changes in RUMBLESLAM version 2, which incidentally is on pre-order right now!

Yesterday we saw some extra attacks coming in with generic Grapple and Turnbuckle moves, and today we’re going to show you one big reason why those new moves were introduced.


The refs don’t like underhanded wrestling (underhooks they’re fine with), and nor do the crowd! Still, some heels will do whatever it takes to win, and that’s where the Dirty rule comes in.

As you can see, a Dirty move is a dangerous prospect, as it could end your wrestler’s activation even attempting the attack. The ref catches wind of you about to put the boot in and they’re going to shut that right down!

Not only does a failed Dirty move stop your activation, but you lose 1 AP from the next activation, so there’s lasting consequences trying for a hail mary hit at the end of your turn.

Multiple Dirty actions are also harder to do, as the crowd will get wind of what you’re doing!

No Class is back in new RUMBLESLAM, and it’s even worse this time! No Class is simply an extension of the Dirty rule, and now takes effect on the 3rd identical action of the round. And your special abilities now count as regular abilities too, which goes for all the Turnbuckle and Grapple attacks too!

This new rule limits the amount of identical actions in a round, which makes the game a lot more varied. Thankfully there are plenty of extra actions in this new edition, so you shouldn’t be too worried.


There are a few unique Dirty moves in the game, such as Phage’s Kidney Shot or the new Halfling Rudo’s Patadas Frijoles (bean kick). However, you’ll also find a couple in the main rulebook too. Which brings us onto one of the most subtle but biggest changes in the new edition.

Lifting a conscious wrestler is now a dirty move! :O

Games of RUMBLESLAM are designed to be fast paced and allow even the most beaten down team to make a blistering comeback in the last round, and throwing opponents out when they’re on full stamina is part of that.

Unfortunately last edition was dominated by this sort of gameplay, and the fine art of beating up your opponent was left in the dust. This time round, expect the humble Brawler to play a much larger role in your games.

Now it’s a 50/50 chance that you’ll even be able to attempt a lift, so your better bet is to beat them to a pulp since KO’d wrestlers don’t count for Dirty. This should see a big change to your gameplay, as those risky lifts are still possible, but you can’t make a team revolve around that tactic.


That’s all for today – we’ll be back tomorrow with more rules talk for you all. Are you looking forward to getting your Brawlers out of the case and into the ring? Let us know and pre-order your copy of the new rulebook today!

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