San Geremia Tower Scenarios

We’ve got a little treat for tower fans today!

The San Geremia Tower was released a few weeks ago, and as the tallest playable tower we’ve ever made, we thought we’d make it extra playable!

We’ve put together a couple of scenarios for you to use in your games of Carnevale, using the tower. One has the tower as the entire gaming surface, and the other as the centrepiece to a small board.

The Vantage Point scenario sees you climbing from the bottom to the top of the tower. The one with the most people highest up wins! However, you don’t want to get up there too quickly as there are also points for throwing your opponents to their deaths!

In Towering Inferno the San Geremia Tower has been set ablaze! One gang is at the top and needs to get down to ground level, but a rival gang is sat waiting. Don’t get too close to the tower until you need to though, as the gang on top can throw explosive barrels down at you!

Both of these scenarios are available to download in the Resources section of the Carnevale website. Check them out and have some fun! If you haven’t picked up your San Geremia Tower yet, head over the TTCombat webstore to get yours today.

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