Resistance Battleships from the Office

We’ve got our hands on the Battleship!

When I say “from the office”, that’s office with a lowercase “o”. It’s not like we gave them to Dwight and Phyllis. Although we bet that Dwight would be a Scourge player anyway.

Scott, Chris, and I (Lewis!) managed to get our hands on a Resistance Battleship each, and decided to have a go at putting them together and getting some paint on them. We decided not to discuss what we were doing at all, and see if we could come up with different builds from the super modular new kit. Let’s see what we came up with.


First we have Scott’s Olympus Battleship, named Lightning Roc 2. Over to you, Scott!

My Resistance fleet is all military, so the twin prow was a must. However, I’ve modelled them a little older than the sleek Kalium Kabal, so the multiple engines and the front-heavy hull were what I went for.

My fleet is all in a military green, starting with my first exclusive Centurion, so I carried that through. Although after finishing the green I thought that on such a large area it needed something to break it up. That’s why I added the red engines and torpedo.

It was only after sleeping on it and looking again with fresh eyes that I realised I’d accidentally painted Thunderbird 2. But I like it, so I just went with it!

The metals were painted with THRASH METAL by Scale 75, and I shaded the green with purple of all colours! The panel lines take a while to pick out, but it’s worth the effort.

Thanks Scott! An absolutely FAB job! 😉


Next up, we have Chris and his Eden class Battleship, Solus. You may know Chris from our new TTAgent program! He says:

First of all, I hate painting. Let’s get that out of the way. But I love Dropfleet, and definitely wanted a Battleship to start off my Resistance fleet.

The Eden was the obvious build with its Mega Vent Cannons. Go big, that’s what I say! The Solus is a ship that’s got all the new gadgets, so I put every cockpit and prow on.

The main thing I wanted from the paint job was to be bright, but a bit dirty. So I started with really bright colours and then washed them down with brown and orange. One piece of advice: don’t stick your broadsides on before painting! There’s loads of detail that you can see, but it’s hard to get a paintbrush in there once its together.

Now the Solus is done, I just have to paint the rest of the fleet!

Nice one Chris, I’ll make sure to grab my sunglasses for the whole fleet.


Mine’s a little bit different! This is the Battleship Prometheus, an Eden Class ship.

My burgeoning fleet is pretty scrap-heavy, and I wanted the Battleship to show that. I started off with a Battleship set and a spare Space Station sprue, and got to work. While the kits aren’t specifically designed to work together, everything fits really well! I had no idea what I wanted it to look like at the start, but once I discovered that the semi-circle Space Station sections fit perfectly in the broadside bays, I had my idea.

The Prometheus is a unique vessel, made as a test-bed for emergent technology. The brass discs are batteries for arc energy – something old-Earth was developing before the Scourge invasion (headcanon go!). The Prometheus was the only ship made with this tech, because it was wildly unstable and barely made it out of the dock. Years later though, the Prometheus is still going, its arc energy still going strong, although the crew have changed multiple times since then. In games I use it as an Olympus, the arc discs subbing in for Mega Vent Cannons.

For painting, I wanted something in plain metal – they weren’t going to both painting this terrible invention after all! Over the years it’s tarnished, but the arc lightning keeps the brass discs nice and clean. The red and orange details are there to contrast the blue energy lines. The black is my favourite bit – sprayed grey and then a single coat of Citadel Contrast Black Templar. It’s the perfect thing for painting Dropfleet scale techno-gubbins!

There we go, three completely different Resistance Battleships. The kit can make over 4000 combinations even without adding in Space Stations!

If you want a massive centre-piece ship for your Resistance fleet, make sure to head over to the TTCombat webstore and pick yours up today!

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