Last Chance – White Box Bundles

It’s the worst time of the year 🙁

Xmas is over, the decorations have been taken down, it’s bitterly cold, everyone’s fat and has to struggle to do exercise after too much chocolate. And worst of all, the White Box Bundles are going away!

All of our holiday special White Box Bundles are going to be leaving the webstore, so pick yours up soon!

All White Box Bundles will go off sale at the end of Sunday 26th January.

So whether you’re looking to expand your Carnevale scenery collection, get some fantasy ruins for a game of Fight Sob, or setting up a New York board for your games of Dropzone Commander, act now!

It’s your last chance to buy these excellent deals, so make sure to stop by the TTCombat webstore this weekend to make some great savings and get started on your new board for the new year!

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