Teaser Tuesday – Resistance in Space

The Resistance are flying into a star system near you!

It’s Teaser Tuesday, so it’s time to look at some new kits coming up for pre-order this week. We’re flying out to space with some new Dropfleet Commander ships, and trust me when I say you want to look at them!

First of all we have the Resistance Battlecruiser!

This new kit can make either the Tribune (shown above) or the Phalanx (shown below). A multi-part resin kit, it’s easy to swap between the two builds if you can’t decide to go for the jack of all trades approach or the big guns approach.

The Tribune / Phalanx is a great kit, bringing the sleek yet clunky look of the Grand Cruiser, and supersizing it!

But that’s not all, because this week we will be releasing the largest, most modular Battleship kit ever!

The Resistance Trident/OIympus Battleship is honestly one of the coolest kits we’ve ever made.

We took a Battleship – a fairly standard, large and simple kit – and applied the Resistance formula to it. The Cruiser sprue has an impressive number of parts and combinations, and we wanted gamers to experience the same thing on a much larger scale. So this ship can be built in lots of ways.

First of all you have the option of the Trident or Olympus builds, which are all in the broadside mounts. The Trident has the low powered Artillery Cannon Battery while the Olympus has the dangerous (for both parties) Mega Vent Cannon Battery. In the pictures above the first has the brass coloured Artillery Cannons and the second has the glowing green Mega Vent Cannons.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: those two ships look very different, and not just because of the broadsides. Well, you’d be right!

You see, the Trident/Olympus Battleship comes with loads of parts and a very cool design.

The entire hull can be used both ways round, either giving a chunky “battering ram” style front, or a rear-heavy style more familiar to Kalium players.

There are two prows, either in the hammerhead design or the twin catamaran style.

There are also two engines: a double engine or a massive bank made up of 8 smaller ones!

Then, in addition to the aforementioned broadside batteries, you also get 3 different keel and cockpit sections. All three of these fit in three different hard points on the hull, either forwards or backwards. You can put none on, 1 on, 2 on, or all 3! Combine three sets of Battleships and you can even triple up on the same ones if you want!

With all those parts you can make loads of variations, meaning no two Battleships will be the same.

The Battlecruiser and Battleships join the earlier Resistance Grand Cruiser, Corvettes, and Starter Fleet to complete the entirety of ships outlined in Battle for Earth! Does that mean the Resistance fleet is done though? Absolutely not! There are still loads of fringe scrapfleet vessels and madcap Kalium experiments to come.

These kits will both be up for pre-order on Friday, so stop back then for more details!

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