TTAgents Update

Just a quick update on the TTAgents Applications so far.


A big thanks to everyone who has enquired about the TTAgent programme, we’ve been inaudated with people keen to grow fantastic gaming communities!

Therefore don’t worry if it takes a little longer than you expect to get a response, We’re doing all we can to make sure people get the application form as soon as possible, once we have your completed form it may be a little bit of time before you hear from us again while we get through all the requests.

Once again, thanks to everyone who has enquired so far, it’s beyond our highest expectations.

If you are interested in becoming a TTAgent, then complete these questions and send them into :

  1. Which TTCombat games do you play:
  • Carnevale
  • Dropzone Commander
  • Dropfleet Commander
  1. What do you love about that game or games that you play?
  2. What’s your favorite faction in that game, if you have one?
  3. Have you already introduced others to any of our games?
  4. Do you have a local Game Store or Gaming Club you could run demos and events in? 
  5. If so, how active are you in that community?
  6. Would you be willing to assist TTCombat in any gaming events taking place near you?
  7. Which part of the hobby do you prefer overall? For example, do you love to Paint or do you prefer getting models on the table above all else? Do you prefer Competitive or friendly gameplay? Let us know.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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