Teaser Tuesday 2 – A Big Tower & Hobby Time

It’s Teaser Tuesday… again!

Not content with just one Teaser Tuesday this week, we’re doing a second one!

We’ve already previewed an awesome new pair of Dropfleet Commander ships (including a really impressive modular Battleship), but we wanted something for MDF enthusiasts too.

San Geremia Tower

This week sees the release of the massive San Geremia Tower.

This huge kit is seriously big enough to play an entire game of Carnevale on! And that’s absolutely possible since it’s been designed from the ground up (and up and up) with playability in mind.

With a mezzanine level to start with (that’s big enough for bases), you can take one of several included ladders up to the small windows which have a handy smattering of wooden sills that jut out just enough for a 30mm base. From there there’s a good vantage point outside the doors, and it’s just a short climb from there to the indoor balcony. Up a little further still finds you at the top roof with plenty of space to run around (or shove someone off – ouch).

This tower is absolutely huge, standing at approximately 70cm tall and 20cm wide. It’s a serious centrepiece for your Streets of Venice board, and makes an amazing building for games of Carnevale.

Paint Stations

But that’s not all! This week we’re also updating the entire range of our paint racks and paint stations.

The old designs are a bit long in the tooth, so we decided to go through and make sure they’re all as good as they could be.

With new ones on the way, they’ll be sturdier, easier to assemble, and reformatted to fit all new sizes of paint pots (we’re looking at you, contrast).

We’ll have more information for you on all the new racks when they’re released on Friday.

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