Fantasy WIP Wednesday

It’s work in progress Wednesday my dudes! Take a look inside to see the new range of Savage Domain scenery taking shape…

Whilst the rest of the design department busily work on RUMBLESLAM, Carnevale and the Drop Universe; the scenery team have been developing some new Savage Domain kits.

Neil has been designing a fantasy industrial area (bottom). A large watermill brings power to the forge. The giant windmill overlooks the meat hooks and the rest of this mechanical set up.

Mike is currently creating a ramshackle town (top right). There’s a tavern, shop fronts and a tower. Each of these buildings can be connected using the same connectors as all of our other Savage Domain kits.

I have been making modular castle pieces that can connect together to form one large castle complex or an extensive set of ramparts (top left). There are wall hubs that can be connected with wall sections and as an added set we will be releasing a siege engine kit to combat these imposing defences!

As there wasn’t much finished work in the picture, here’s a screen grab of the 3D render with everything put together!

If you can’t wait for this release be sure to check out our other fantasy terrain!

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