New Releases – Fortified Gothica

First Friday release of 2020!

It’s Friday!

For those just joining us in 2020, Friday is our new release day. Sometimes it’s MDF Tabletop Scenics kits, sometimes it’s Dropfleet Commander ships, and sometimes (quite a lot more this year) it’s RUMBLESLAM wrestlers.

This week though, it’s new Sci-Fi Gothic scenery kits. A good way to start the year.

First off we have the Radar Silos. This neat kit contains two silos, each with rotatable (is that a word?) radar dishes in the top.

They’re big enough to provide excellent line of sight blocking for even small tanks or walkers, and for £8 for two, they’re a bargain to boot!

On the subject of silos, we also have the Gun Silos (as seen in this week’s Teaser Tuesday too).

This set swaps the radar dishes for big guns, perfect for defending bastions or cities. They look pretty imposing, and the bulky design of the base makes them look like they’re able to stand up to heavy fire as well as dish it out.

Just like their radar sisters, the Gun Silos are £8 for two.

If you’re into radars, what about the Fortified Radar Tower?

This massive kit makes for an impressive centrepiece on your board, or how about a couple to defend your outpost?

The platform on top is big enough to house an entire squad of infantry, and a handy ladder at the back will allow your troops to climb up and occupy it at their leisure.

Complete with fortified feet and plenty of gothic detailing, this set is a steal at only £14!

The Fortified Pulpit is up next, and it’s quite a kit! Covered in detail from top to toe, it is the perfect platform to spout sermons. Get a commander up on the podium to issue orders from safety!

With tall columns, buttresses, and reinforced armour plates, it really does look like something straight out of a videogame series. You know the one. The third one isn’t very good.

Anyway! This set can also be split in half, separating the building and dais for a bit more flexibility in your tabletop. For £11, it’s a really great kit for any Sci-Fi Gothic boards.

Our last new scenery kit today is the Fortified Checkpoint.

This set of scatter terrain is really useful, able to bulk up any defensive position with ease. The set contains a rockcrete bunker which would make an excellent way station or even an addition to another building. It’s also got two tank traps, three small barricades, and two large barricades.

The coolest thing about the large barricades is that the fences slide in and out of them! You can open and close your checkpoint as you see fit.

This one covers a lot of board space with some always handy chest-high walls, and is the cheapest scenery kit today at only £7!

I know I said the Checkpoint was the last scenery piece, but we’ve also got some gaming accessories today in the form of Turn and Commander Counters! The battlefields of the far gothic future are a busy place, and it’s hard to lose track of what’s going on. Not anymore!

This set has loads of stuff! From the numbered dials perfect for tracking command points, to the turn counter, there are loads of way to make organising your gaming easier. The set has 20 wound markers in 1s, 3s, and 5s, which make keeping track of damage on tanks and monstrous creatures easier than ever.

Finally the kit has six objective markers. These handy discs are double-sided, with numbers on one, and blank on the back. That means you can keep your objectives hidden until discovered (we know how useful that can be!).

For this handy set, you only need to spend £4. Much more affordable than some special edition book complete with metal coins. Save your money and get more scenery instead!


That’s all our releases today. All of these kits are available on the TTCombat webstore right now. Check them out! If you order over the weekend we’ll cut and ship them out to you next week, in time for some new year gaming.

We’ll be back next week with more new things, so make sure to keep an eye here on TTCommunity for all the latest news.

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