An early look at something RUMBLESLAM!

A new challenger? appears.

Not something we normally do, but this time we felt we should show this off.

One ring to fit them all and in the darkness play some RUMBLESLAM!

I know it’s not work in progress but still, I saw this on Lewis’ desk and thought why not show it off as it looks awesome! This is still in prototyping but looking real good, currently in a basic stage just to check that the mat fits. We don’t have much more info on this but keep an eye out on here for more information in the future!

One Reply to “An early look at something RUMBLESLAM!”

  1. This is something I am definitely interested in. I know I could just cut the mat I currently have, but would rather not, and the main reason I haven’t assembled my deluxe ring yet is because I don’t know how to paint the mat area well enough to look good.

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