Dropfleet Commander FAQ & Errata

There’s a (sort of) new FAQ & Errata available now!

That’s right, everyone! We’re releasing a new version of the Dropfleet FAQ & Errata.

Click the picture to go to the downloads page!


Inside you’ll find all sorts of revolutionary rules updates and changes. Things like no Max Thrusting Voidgates, and shaking off Launch Assets on a 5+ rather than 4+.

Alright – cards on the table – none of this is new. Traffic James got into the system and accidentally deleted the old rules changes document, so we decided to just roll them into this one instead. Now there’s one FAQ & Errata to rule them all! This one has all changes for the Dropfleet Rulebook and Battle for Earth.

You won’t find any stat changes to ships, since those are available in the beta version of the Dropfleet Fleet Builder webapp.

Apologies for the confusion for anyone whose world was turned upside down by mistake, and a big thanks to the Facebook fan page for bringing it to our attention.

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