TTAgents Applications now open!

We are delighted to announce the official opening of the TTAgent Programme!

Just before Christmas we announced the TTAgent programme. I am very excited to annouce that today we can start taking applications to become TTAgents

What are TTAgents?

TTAgents are going to be people who love at least one TTCombat game. Be that RUMBLELSAM, Carnevale, Dropfleet Commander or Dropzone Commander. Or indeed, more than one.

TTAgents will run demos, events, campaigns and tournaments for the games they represent. They’ll help build and grow strong and fun gaming communities.

What do I need to do?

First of all, enjoy playing a TTCombat game, be prepared to help new players into the game and have the patience to help them get the most from the game.

You will want to run events, whether that’s just some days spent playing games, painting minatures or running tournaments. All these things are of interest to you and you have some great ideas for it.

Of course you will need access to a local store, or a gaming club to run these events. Though it’s not absolutely necessary, there are other ways to help grow the games, without running events gaining points will be a challenge.

TTAgents will also be invited to help TTCombat at events, running demos and engaging with prospective new players.

Gaining Points? What do they do?

TTAgents will not just be helping to build fantastic gaming communities for themselves and others to enjoy, they can earn points which allow them to claim rewards. Rewards are wide and varied, for example:

New and Exclusive Miniatures.



And more, including a chance to come to TTCombat Head Office and meet the team and play some games.

How do I apply?

Simply send an email to we’ll send you a form to fill in and start the process off.

I look forward to hearing from those of you interested.


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  1. Iv sent my request. Cant wait to get started growing this rumbleslam community. The game deserves more play than it gets.

    Keep it up TT-Combat.

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