Transmission Detected: Teaser Tuesday Incoming!

Beep beep beep!

It’s the start of the year, and after filling our bellies with Xmas treats, the TTCombat design team have waddled back into the office ready to kick off another year of new releases.

Tearing out of the gate, we’d like to show you some brand new Sci-Fi Gothic MDF kits which will be available to order this Friday! We’re not waiting long to tear you away from your Xmas money – let’s see what Santa left us to release, shall we?

First up we have the Radar Silos from the thumbnail up above.

This kit makes two separate smaller radar dishes, perfect for scatter terrain. They’re big enough to block line of sight for all but the largest battle tank, and of course the radar dishes swivel around too!

Radar towers not really your thing? Want something a little more killy? Well the Gun Silos might be up your alley then!

This set trades the peaceful dish on top for some twin guns that look pretty dangerous! The bases are very sturdy, completing the military look for these silos.

Our last preview today is of the Fortified Pulpit.

This new set is perfect for preaching to the masses, and is pretty well armoured just in case there’s an uprising or the crowd really don’t like what you have to say!

The set is covered in great detail, and actually assembles in two distinct pieces – the building and the dais – so you can split it apart for your games if you want to cover a bit more ground.


These three kits (and two more I haven’t shown you) will be available to order on Friday, and will sit nicely within any Sci-Fi Gothic board you’re making. Maybe you’re doing New Year New Army and want something to fight over? Or maybe your army is looking to go on parade this year and you’d like some scenery to decorate your diorama? Is that vague yet specific enough? I think so. We’ll see you on Friday for all the new releases!

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