WIP New Carnevale?

New things incoming for Carnevale; check inside for more information…

First up on the agenda for this week’s teaser is Carnevale Pocket Edition!

We have have all new designs for cardboard scenery and 10mm character sculpts. Above you can see the new building mock ups compared to a Raadru.

This edition is great to pull out on the go if you fancy a quick game with your friends or a kind-looking stranger on the bus.

Secondly, we have Carnevale Mini. This intermediate scale game (yet to be decided) is a great way to introduce your children to the violent, bloody streets of Venice.  The smaller than average miniatures are especially good if you are an adult with tiny hands.

Scott has been developing these new sets for the better part of a week now and the first 100 sets sold will include a miniature Scott model (not shown) you can use as a citizen for your guild gang!


Scott has been working very hard on developing new cardboard buildings for regular sized Carnevale, as you can see above. They will be coming in all new shapes and sizes bringing an increased variety to your gaming board. The smaller ones are just a mock up to see how they piece together!

This is still quite early in development (obviously!) and we will let you know as things progress.  If you’re interested in a quick and cost effective way of starting out in Carnevale the intact and damaged cardboard buildings and canal tiles are a great place to start. They’re also available in the 2 Player starter set.

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  1. Nice idea, will be easier to store, and will be easy to play anywhere without the need of much space to play on.

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