New Releases – White Box Bundles!

White Box Bundles are here! Let’s look!

It’s that time of the year again. We’re celebrating Black Friday and the holiday season with some ridiculously good deals.

We have TEN new White Box Bundles for you today, all of which are limited release, only available during the holiday season or until stocks run out.

First of all, we saw the Orc Scrapyard yesterday.

This set has basically everything a budding warboss could need, including a Mek Garage, Barracks, and Lookout. Oh and don’t forget the massive Orc Stronghold which has enough wall sections to block off a huge part of a board – easily enough for a bunch of shooty boyz to sit on!

There’s also a set of resin Gothic Barrels in there – paint them red and then they blow up when you shoot them. It’s science.

The price for all of this? £70. Wow!

Next is the Sector 4 – Pybus Power Plant. This is the one I think we’ve had most requests for, and we aim to please!

This kit would make an incredible setting for games in the Industrial Hive, or even for some kind of team that likes to kill. Yes, that one. With almost the entire set of Sector 4 kits including the massive Power Station, Mega Turbine, and a set of Pipelines, it’s already a lot, but we’ve also thrown in some walkways and small platforms too.

And we can’t forget the resin Ventilation set, which coincidentally (it’s not a coincidence, we did it on purpose) fits perfectly with the pipes!

This set is only £70. Get yours today!

For Dropzone Commander fans we have the epic Downtown New York set.

A smaller version of our Battle for Earth Event Board from shows this year, it has so much stuff! From the giant Cradle Commerce to the smaller Brownstone Rows and City Accessories, there’s enough here for a decent sized game of Dropzone, or even any other 8-15mm scale titanic games.

For Dropzone fans we’re also including two of the brand new commanders – one for the UCM and one for the Scourge.

The Wolf and the Despot will be released really soon, but we thought it’d be a nice opportunity for collectors to get a little bonus alongside all this great scenery.

These new commanders are lighter choices than your standard fare, bringing an easy (and cheap in points) way to harness the power of command in your games.

Oh, the price for this set? £70.

We’re going up in scale again now, as we look at the Wasteland Skirmish set for City Streets.

Another one that people have been asking about literally all year (I wonder why), this set is great for anyone wanting to get their post-apocalyptic game on – especially if that post-apocalypse is kind of dated, style-wise. With a Ruined Hawking Academy and a Lexington Building at the centre, this set has plenty of falling down buildings to get your games going.

And don’t forget the Vending Machines! These little resin Phoenix Fizz branded dispensaries are included too.

This one comes in at £70. Noticing a pattern here? A pattern of VALUE?

The Infinity Complex does exactly what it says on the white box. It’s a complex for games of Infinity!

This set is one of the most modular in the white boxes, with the Prefab Complex that can be made in literally thousands of options (check out the store page for some of them – I had a lot of fun photographing it!). There’s also the Objective Room which can be taken apart and used as walls thanks to a handy interlocking joint mechanism. The Comms Tower, Geodesic Domes and the resin Cargo Accessories are just a bonus!

This set – like all the others – is only £70.

If the last one was one of the most modular, then the Ancient Castle Town is definitely the most modular.

This bundle we’re expecting to be very popular, so get yours quickly! The Savage Domain kits are almost always cut to order since we can’t keep them on the shelves! And this set is likely to be no different. Combining the Crumbling Tower and Abandoned Abbey with a Derelict Enclave and Ancient Beacon (with some extra Castle Town Walls and Wooden Barrels for good measure), you end up with a falling down town. All of these kits fit together too, so you can build thousands of designs of modular board, changing each game!

Want to guess the price? That’s right, this set is £70. It’d be perfect for games of Fight Sob or whatever that game is called…

If historical gaming is more your thing, then check out the French Village set.

This one contains so may buildings! With a Chapel, Hotel, a Barn, and just loads of houses, you literally get an entire village in a single box. These kits from our World War range are designed for 25mm gaming, specifically Bolt Action from our friends at Warlord Games.

The set also includes a bunch of resin sandbags if you want to turn your village into a bit more of an occupied garrison.

How much? £70!

Next up we’re getting a bit gothic with the Fortified Frontline Bunker Complex.

This White Box Bundle has everything you need to make a little bunker for super tense indoor fighting. With the Command Centre, Barracks, loads of Bunker sections, and two Missile Silos, this is maybe the best value bunker complex you’ll find on the market (it’s certainly a lot cheaper than the old resin ones from a certain forge company that shall not be named). You can take all the roof sections off too, allowing great access to the interior.

And if that wasn’t enough, you get a resin Flak Cannon that fits perfectly on top of the bunkers!

This entire bunker complex is of course just £70.

Our penultimate set is the Iron Labyrinth Onyx Outbreak (see what we did there?). This is yet another set that people have been asking for over and over for months now!

This box contains so many walls, combining multiple Iron Labyrinth sets together. You get an Alpha, Beta, and Gamma walls set, along with some High Walls, Stairs, and Floors. This set is possibly even more modular than the Savage Domain one, as each wall can be put together in multiple ways, and there are parts to connect them to all the rest of the Industrial Hive range too!

The set also has some resin Control Panels, perfect for objectives, or adding a bit of extra detail.

£70 is all you need to get an entire modular board for games in the Industrial Hive!

Our final White Box Bundle is something that I think not a week has gone by without someone asking for. It’s the Venetian Block!

This great set has basically everything you need to get started in games of Carnevale. It’ll make a 2’x2′ board with loads of spare street sections, has the great little Wooden Jetties, and six of our brand new Modular Venetian buildings. They can be used separately, or placed together to make a big complex. The set also includes the Venetian Rooftop Accessories, allowing you to make loads of chimneys and platforms to give great access to your buildings rooftops.

And we couldn’t make this set without a gondola could we? The Noble Gondola is included, coming with three resin gondola poles too.

For an entire small board for Carnevale it’s only – say it with me – £70!



That’s a LOT of stuff to go through.

These sets are on sale NOW. Head over to the TTCombat webstore to pick up yours while stocks last. And don’t forget: for every £50 you spend this week, we’re giving you a free Halfling to celebrate Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Get them while they’re hot!

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