New Releases – Carnevale

It’s Friday, which means new Carnevale releases!

We’ve got three new Carnevale kits on sale today! Two of which we’ve had a little look at already this week, and the third… well, it’s that tentacly thing above!

Our first set is the Vatican Inquisition.

This new box has a massive three brand new characters, accompanied by two Inquisition Commissioners, who are excellent additions to any Vatican gang.

The Stalker can move quickly to literally stalk his prey, the Inquisitorial Spy just plain moves quickly (and is good at getting info on your opponents to give you the edge), and finally the Witch Finder is excellent at tracking down and stopping enemy mages.

This set is a really fighty addition to any Vatican gang, and all three of the new characters are Henchmen, making it an incredible box to boost up existing collections.

Second up we have the Strigoi box the Romani Caravan. This new set has five human characters to accompany your Strigoi. They’re excellent and blending into places, and are extremely adept at getting where they need to be to support Vlad and his undead servants.

The set has a Blood Crone, who is a leader with a massive five magic spells, as well as two Romani henchmen, who each know a single cantrip. The Seer is a Mage very adept at Fateweaving and giving all-important re-rolls to your gang, and the Tarot Reader – aside from being one of the coolest miniatures we’ve made – is yet another excellent spellcaster, able to blind pick her spells and replenish Will Points when she does.

So with a Leader, two Henchmen, and two Heroes, this is a complete gang in itself. And a gang where all the characters are mages, with a total of 14 different magic spells!

If all of that magic casting is scaring you, why not recruit are newest Gifted, the Starspawn?

This character is less interested in money and more in blood – specifically the blood of magic users. A by-product of casting spells under the Rent in the Sky, the Starspawn has been born into the world, angry and full of teeth.

This miniature has an entire scenario dedicated to it, but if you’re careful you can also herd it into battle, taking it as a Gifted character who is superb at hunting magic users.


These three sets are available to pre-order now, so head over to the TTCombat webstore to pick up your witches, witch finders, or witch eaters today!

Finally today, don’t forget to check out our White Box Bundles, as there’s a very juicy Streets of Venice deal.

The Venetian Block is available for sale right now, at the ludicrous price of £70!

This set has everything you need to start your Carnevale board collection, and will easily cover a 2’x2′ area with loads of bits to climb, jump across, and even row throughout the canals!

Check out the set here.

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