Dropzone Commander New Units. Tate & Bellona

With the restocks this week we saw two new units. The Shaltari Tate and the PHR Bellona Type-4 Walker. Let’s take a look at both of these new units.

With this weeks new releases we introduced 2 new units to the game. The Shaltari Tate, a scout unit based on the Yari chassis. And the PHR Bellona Type-4 Walker based on the Nemesis Command Walker chassis.

Shaltari Tate

First off let’s take a look at the Shaltari Tate. It’s name, a form of Japanese shield, clearly shows this little Scouts role.

Armed with no weapons at all, this Scout has a purely defensive support role within the Shaltari force.  With the usual speed and agility the Yari is known for, a skimmer with 12″ movement, this can be used to bolster defensive positions all over the battlefield.

Swapping it’s weapons for A Shield Boosting Node, this little scout unit provides a 3″ bubble of protection, granting any friendly unit +1 to it’s Passive Save, a valuable boon to Shaltari forces. With up to 4 taken at 21 points each, a large 4 Tate bubble can be a little pricey but useful.

This gives Shaltari units caught in a prolonged firefight a better chance of survival, something that has been a weakness  of the faction for some time. Did you really think the Enigmatic Shaltari will let that go unchecked?

PHR Bellona Type-4 Walker

The Bellona is a Heavy Choice for the PHR. This is based on the Nemesis Chassis and is the replacement for the Marcus Barros Famous Commander model.

Replacing the Nemesis Laser with a Vanquisher Cannon, the Bellona brings even more raw firepower to the battlefield. Shorter range against targets with counter measures means this has to get a bit closer, but when it does, a world of pain can be unleashed.

The Vanquisher Cannon is Energy 13 and hits on a 2+. It’s only a single Shot however it is Devastator-3 (All). So it causes at least 3 damage to everything it hurts. When you combine that with the two railguns, that’s a lot of firepower!

This level of firepower isn’t cheap though, costing a  whopping 200 points in what is a highly competitive PHR Heavy slot, make sure it’s pointing that Cannon at targets that deserve that level of attention.

Both of these units are available on our Web Store now. So if your Shaltari force needs some more defensive support, or your PHR Force needs more firepower. Wait, PHR always wants more firepower, that’s what they do. Well go pick these new units up.




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