Secret Weapon + TTCombat

Partners in bases, at last!

We’re very excited to announce that TTCombat will be partnering with Secret Weapon!

Secret Weapon have a long history of producing awesome resin kits, modelling supplies, and – most crucially – bases for a great many happy customers. We at TTCombat are also pretty prolific at making resin kits, from scenery to wrestlers to space ships.

UK Production

By partnering together, we’re going to be producing Secret Weapon bases here in the UK, which will help to greatly improve availability across all of Europe. We cast all of our resin pieces in-house at our Cornwall production warehouse, right here in the UK.

Here at TTCombat we send thousands of parcels worldwide each week, and by casting and packaging Secret Weapon bases in the UK, all of Europe will be able to pick up bases much more easily! We have free shipping to all of the UK, and to Europe on orders of £100 or over, which means if you’re getting some bases, scenery, or some Dropzone Commander, you can do it all in one order.

We’ll be stocking the entire range of Secret Weapon bases, all cast in-house.

^ This won’t be our new logo, don’t worry.

When Will They Be Available?

We’re starting to roll out base sets starting in January, although we’re also adding some of the desert bases to our current Desert of the Dead Kickstarter campaign. Simply add them during the Backerkit, nice and easy!

We’re going to be selling the bases in updated packaging, specific to the TTCombat produced sets, releasing sets in blister packs where available.

We’ll be releasing different ranges and sizes in waves, with stock coming in as and when the moulds are ready. TTCommunity will of course be the first place we’ll let everyone know when new bases come in. And once we’ve caught up on production of the (frankly ludicrous number of) current bases, we’re excited to work together with Secret Weapon on new releases too!

Stocking Secret Weapon Bases

Retail stores will of course be able to stock all of our bases, available through our distribution sister company Kingsley.

If you’re already a Kingsley Distribution customer, any new bases will simply be added to your order form when they’re released, so add them on to your order as normal.

If you’re not already a customer with Kingsley, what are you waiting for? If your local gaming store doesn’t stock TTCombat or Secret Weapon, get them to get in touch with us! Email to get more details on our distribution, including excellent rates and access to the full range of TTCombat games, Tabletop Scenics MDF and resin kits, Hobby Accessories, and – very shortly – Secret Weapon bases too.


We’re really excited to be working with the team at Secret Weapon, and look forward to rebasing all of our models!

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  1. Hello!
    I’m searching high and low for secret weapon town square bases! They’re so good. This looked like it would be really promising but can’t see their ranges in your shop. Would be amazing to see the whole town square range. Mine are specifically for Malifaux and I can imagine you’d sell so many, evidenced by the fact they’re just not in stock anywhere now. 30/40/50mm round lipped would be 😚👌

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