Dropzone Commander Restocks!

Our resin team have been hard at work making new moulds for all the Dropzone Commander range, and making moulds for some alternate weapon options for existing units too.

First of all, and after much demand, the UCM Broadsword is now back in stock! This unit received much love in the last balance pass making it an excellent anti-armour Heavy Tank choice for the UCM. We know it was very frustrating for more than a few people when we couldn’t get it in stock.

With it’s very powerful Mythslayer Railgun even one Broadsword can turn a heavy tank into a smoking ruin in short order, a squad of 3 of them can obliterate anything.

However, that’s not all! Now with the UCM Broadsword pack you get a turret option to make the UCM Claymore!

If the Broadsword is a precision anti-armour instrument. The UCM Claymore is a wrecking ball.

With it’s Demolitions Cannon the Claymore will make short work of buildings or infantry in no time.  This pack is only £14 for a very big tank.

Second restock this week is the Shaltari Warspear. Though we had limited stock left of this one, it was very, very limited so we now have new moulds to make this model in house.

The Shaltari Warspear is one of the most versatile fast flyers in the game, with two weapons. First it’s Twin Heavy Ion Cannons are excellent anti-air weapons. Second it’s Heavy Gauss Cannon will destroy a medium tank quickly.

Now packaged with the Warspear is the Shaltari Khopesh, as mentioned in Battle for Earth. The Khopesh keeps the Twin Heavy Ion Cannons but replaces the Gauss Cannon with a Heavy Bio-Atomiser. This allows it to hunt infantry inside a building from the skies. Considering the speed of the Shaltari flyers, this is a terrifying prospect for the enemies of the Shaltari.

We’ve also doubled the amount of models in a pack, so you can make one of each or two of either from one pack. All for £12!

Finally this week is a restock for the PHR. The Angelos A1 and Angelos A2 are now able to be produced in house so are back in stock.

With a limited, but flexible transport capacity, the Angelos jetskimmer is a key part of many PHR forces. Equipped with either a Smoothbore Cannon to take out armour and scenery or a Flamethrower to burn infantry to a crisp.

This pack has 2 Hulls and 2 of each turret so you can make one of each or two of either. All for £11.

These are now available on our webstore to buy.  The stats for the new units are on the Web-Builder. The next wave of restocks will be on the 14th November.  Until then, good luck on the battlefields of the Dropzone Commander Universe with your new reinforcements.


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