New Releases – Modular Venice 3

Return of the Modular Venetian buildings!

We’ve got so many kits on sale today, so let’s launch right into it, shall we?

The big release this week is wave 3 of our Modular Venetian range.

For those just joining us, this range of buildings uses a simple clip system to link together multiple buildings into a block greater than the sum of its parts. There are loads of different sizes and levels, which make building a board that really looks like Venice as simple as clipping them together!

The Modular Casa Balcone Hortensa is our first building, and what a good one to start with!

This fancy townhouse has a rooftop balcony with a lovely little railing which is perfect for chaining jumps together in Carnevale. This tall building is a brilliant start to a modular group of buildings, as it already has two different levels. Add a single storey building in there and you have an easy climb to the rooftop levels.

The Modular Villetta Doppia Angolo Maria (small double angled house named Maria) is a great little kit. For only £5 you get a two-storey building that allows you to angle your modular kits.

The third wall is the exact same size as the other two, meaning with two little clips it’ll fit together perfectly, turning a corner on a street, or capping off a row of buildings perfectly.

Our third building this week is the Modular Pentagono Mercante Gondola.

This kit is also only £5 (ridiculous), and is a great building on its own. It fills up a decent space and has five corners for hiding around. But of course it’s also modular, which means you can attach five different kits to it, making it the very centre of an epic cluster of buildings! Plus there’s plenty of space on the roof for climbing too.

Next up today we have the Venetian Rooftop Accessories.

This is an Important Kit. For a while now we’ve been releasing resin kits of barrels, boxes, wells, and gondolas. These are perfect as Small Obstacles on the ground in Carnevale. Small Obstacles allow you to chain your jumps, essentially starting a freerunning chain to move even further. But what about when you’re on the roof?

Look no further! The Venetian Rooftop Accessories is a pack of chimneys and platforms to allow you to jump around the roof to your heart’s content. There are 8 different designs of chimneys. Some are pretty normal, and some are super weird. They’re all based on real life Venetian chimneys though, so will fit right in with your buildings! The kit also has a bunch of platforms that attach neatly to the walls of basically every Streets of Venice building, giving easy ways to climb up the tallest kits.

Not only that though, the kit has two sets of each – one for flat roofs, and one for sloped roofs. Meaning that no rooftop need be empty ever again! They’re useful in game, and add that final touch to your buildings too.

Our last Tabletop Scenics kit today is a relaunch of an older kit. The Venetian Canal Street Stairs is a bumper new set. All the pieces are brand new!

The kit has four sets of stairs that can be added under any of our Venetian Street sections to go down into the water, or can be added between Raised Streets and regular tiles for easy ways to traverse.

The set also contains three tiny street sections. The larger one is half of a Small Street tile, and the smaller ones are a quarter the size of a Small Street tile! This helps a lot with making weird angled streets, which is what Venice is all about!

Finally there’s a tiny tile with double stairs. This one is useful for leading down into the water, but thanks to a handy bit of design work, also functions as a great little bridge!

Our last release today is something our Carnevale and Dropzone Commander players have been asking for for a little while now. Card sleeves!

These sleeves are the perfect size for Dropzone Commander Command Cards, Carnevale Magic Cards and Agenda Cards.

You get approximately 45 (usually around 50 – we aren’t counting each one) in a pack, which means there are plenty for a whole deck of our game cards.


All of these sets are available to order right now in the TTCombat webstore, so pop over there to expand your Venetian boards, sleeve your cards, or pick up some of the new Dropzone Commander models released this week!

We’ll be back next week with some modular builds of these new kits, but here’s one to whet your appetite:

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