W.I.P Wednesday Academy

This week we take a quick look at some upcoming Sci-Fi Gothic buildings Neil has been working on!

He’s been making the Gothic Academy, a new (rather large) building for our Sci-Fi Gothic range.

The interesting thing about this building is that it is designed to come apart. The three different sections can be arranged together any way you like, or, spread out to fill up a board.

The Academy building is being developed as two distinct kits, a ruined and intact version.

The ruined and intact versions can also be used to further customise your building and board layout.

These buildings have playable interiors, with the many windows and balconies providing various shooting positions. The obligatory buttresses give your soldiers some much needed line of sight blocking on the battlefield.

This kit is being developed alongside a few others for the sci-fi gothic range and they will all be released very soon so keep an eye on our new releases page.


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  1. It is odd that the first floor’s rooms have nice tiled floors but the ground floor has no floors at all. I really like the design of this building and I’d be happy to pay a little extra for it if it meant I got a physical ground floor.

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