W.I.P Wednesday From Fin’s Desk

This week’s work in progress Wednesday we sneak over to Fin’s desk and steal what he’s been painting! Hint: it’s Dropfleet.

So, today I have been over to Fin’s desk and I have seen what he has been working on. This week he has been painting up the new monitors for PHR.

First up is the Castor, This bad boy really packs a punch! What you can see here is the pre-shading and a thin coat over the top to create the distinct PHR colour scheme.

To create this effect Fin used a selction of Vallejo paints. A golden brown (71.032) paint for the preshade. An age white (71.132) for the top coat and a little bit of edge highlighting of ivory (70.918).

This one here is the Pollux, it has an array of point defence making it great at fending off anyone trying to get close and all up in your business.

From here on Fin will begin working on all the techno-gubbins. First he’ll be painting it black and then a quick coating of Gunmetal, followed by a chrome highlight.

In the image above you can see them both together, you can really see the differences between them more clearly and how each ship is specialised for its combat role.

Keep an eye the community page for release info as well as new pictures and updates. And if you haven;t yet started playing Dropfleet Commander or you think this is the time t grow your collection, head over to our store.

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