New Releases – Halfling Houses!

It’s Halfling time it’s Halfling time!

Time for Halflings!

We have four new Halfling MDF kits on sale today. Let’s take a look, shall we?

First of all it’s the Halfling Hamlet.

This kit contains four unique Halfling houses, with cute little round doors on the front. They’re only teeny tiny, but big enough to hide behind, even for full sized people!

You get all four and for only £8, it’s a bargain!

The Halfling Bridges set contains two bridges. They might be Halfling Bridges, but they fit full size models, and more!

The bridges have been designed to fit regiments over them, and at 14cm wide, you’ll be able to get a load of warriors over in one formation, nice and easy.

The Halfling Barn is out today too. It’s got one big ol’ barn, and a little shed to sit alongside it.

Again, only £8!

Our last release today is the Halfling Windmills set. This one actually contains two separate windmills and the grain store. They’re awesomely detailed, and the Halfling style rounded roofs even extend to this farm equipment!

And the windmills turn too! :O


If you’d like to pick up any of these kits, pop over to the TTCombat webstore now. Order over the weekend and we’ll get them cut and sent out at the start of next week. No longer will your Halflings have to live without roofs over their heads, or flour milled in their farms!

Stellaris Ether Drake Kickstarter

Oh and on a completely different note, don’t forget to check out the Stellaris Ether Drake Kickstarter!

The campaign has fully funded, and is ending in a scant few hours!

We’ve unlocked two additional Leviathans (and their 2-Up variants), and we’re rounding on the last one, a Dimensional Horror!

Head over there and pledge to help us unlock the last couple of Stretch Goals!

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