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We go back to the future for this weeks releases with new buildings and accessories in our Sci-Fi X range.

There are 6 releases this week. All perfect to improve your Dropzone Commander board for games based on Battle for Earth. We showed you a couple on Tuesday, now for the rest.

This week we have Cradle Commerce tower, which overlooks the Ryan Memorial Station. Pythagoras Tower is next door to a Construction Site and finishing our city off is a collection of City Accessories and Industrial Accessories.

First of all Pythagoras Tower. Futuristic architecture (It is the future after all) This makes a very eye catching addition to any board. And only for £10.

Next is the Cradle Commerce tower, we featured this on Teaser Tuesday and is a massive piece that can be the centrepiece of any board. When combined together the three pieces of this really do tower over everything else.  However you can also split it into two separate buildings.

Two eye catching buildings, one with a helipad to land your dropships on to discharge them into the building too. This massive kit is only £21.

We also previewed the Ryan Memorial Station on Tuesday. This has been designed as a futuristic train, subway or monorail station. Use it how you like, and for £8, you can’t pass it up.

The last of our buildings, well I use the term loosely here, is our construction site. With two industrial cranes and a building looking half finished this can help make your board feel like it’s a living, breathing city. Just £10.

Use the Industrial Accessories set to make your city board feel alive. Combines very well with the Construction Site. A load of containers and two what look like water purifiers, or maybe hydro-electrical power plants. The whole set is just £6.

And finally, finish your city off with road signs, traffic signals and subway entrances, there is even a fast food stand. You will find all this in the City Accessories set for £6.50.

These are all on sale now, order today and we’ll ship them first thing Tuesday. Won’t be Monday since it’s Bank Holiday Monday here and there’s no post.

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