Teaser Tuesday – New Sci-Fi X scenery.

This week we go back to the future and release some new scenery for our Sci-Fi X range. These are perfect for 10mm games set in the future, and designed for Dropzone Commander: Battle for Earth. 

These buildings were all on our Dropzone Commander Board Bundle available at UK Games Expo and other events.  We’ve released a few already, now it’s time for more.

First of all is the Ryan Memorial. Shown here with a UCM tank outside that has clearly just helped to liberate it from the Scourge. The Ryan Memorial is a good solid building for building up your city board.

With access doors all over, fighting for this building can get very fierce.

Next up is the Cradle of Commerce, a massive kit, at the very bottom there is a UCM tank just showing how tall this towers over the battlefield. This tower is modular and can be used in different ways.

Just the main Base can be used to build a landing pad for drop ships, crucial for Dropzone Commander.

This means you can use the other part to make another tower, getting two kits for one. Or combine them for one giant tower, choice is yours.

Both these kits will be available on Friday along with 3 other kits in the range. To take a look at the rest of the Sci-Fi X range go to our web store.

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