Work in Progress – Foreign Noble

It’s Wednesday so let’s have a look at what is being worked on in the TTCombat office this week. I’ve managed to sneak something from Fin’s desk that is painted ready for release very soon, it looks like a Carnevale miniature…

It is a Carnevale miniature. A Patrician in fact for the Patricians new boxset coming out very soon, now we have our 3D printer up and running we can get our releases back on track!

This is a Foreign Noble, visiting Venice from England, probably London, I love the fact he looks like a proper cartoon style villain thanks to Fins paint work on this mini.

Now I’ll sneak this back before Fin notices it’s missing, he gets all precious when I raid his desk for this stuff.

If you haven’t already checked out Carnevale, head over to our web store now and take a look.

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