Gencon 2019!

We’re at Gencon!

That’s right, Don and the US events team volunteers have been diligently setting up the stand at Gencon, so go say hi!

We’re at stand 1594 in Hall H. You’ll likely see the big TTCombat dice banners over on the far side of the hall.

Why Should I Come See You?

Well, for a start, everyone there is super nice!

We’ve also got demos running of our games, including the new edition of Dropzone Commander, so if you haven’t had a chance to play the new rules yet, now’s your chance.

We have great deals on models, and a large range of our MDF Tabletop Scenics kits, including some of the new Infinity terrain!

What If I Want Something Big?

Well, you’re in luck, Gencon visitor!

We’ll be selling our infamous Event Board deals on the stand. These are for Gencon guests only, no online sales on these beauties. An entire board in one massive bundle with a great discount to say thanks for coming all the way to see us!

We’ll have the Streets of Venice board on show, but there are a massive six different Event Boards on sale this year, including the Infinity and Battle for Earth boards below! Simply ask one of the team about ordering one – they’ll be able to show you exactly what you get, and it’s all cut to order and shipped to your door, so you don’t have to carry it around the event.

What About Event Exclusives?

Well, we have lots!

In addition to all of our 2019 Event Exclusives (Pungari Thresher, Columbus Battlewalker, Plague Doctress, and Brains Babe) and our regular exclusives, we have three new sets for Gencon.

The Carnevale Classics Raadru is here to stay! This one will be available at all events for a while. It’s a fan-favourite classic sculpt, and one we really love too.

It’s been remade in resin, so it’ll go together a lot easier than the old one.

We also have a pre-release massive mega set of Halflings!

Our Kickstarter campaign finished at the end of 2018 and is now fulfilled. We have a little while longer until all of these little fellows are ready for a full retail release, but in the meantime we have them available for Gencon. The Halfling Gencon Battalion contains so many models, with full 20-Halfling regiments, Heavy Pig Cavalry (the cavalry is heavy, but the pigs are pretty heavy too), and even a regiment of Treemen.

But that’s not all!

The Halfling Undead Gencon Horde is on sale as well. There are massive regiments of zombies, ghouls, and even a Zombie Cockatrice!

Both of these sets contain full armies of Halflings, and for an absolute steal at £150 (I can’t remember how many $ sorry!).

As always, all of our Event Exclusives are available on the TTCombat webstore during the event, so if you aren’t able to make it to Indianapolis this weekend, or if we run out of our limited stock, you can always pick them up online and get them shipped out to you.

What About Sneak Previews?

Well, hot on the heels of our 3D printer post earlier this week, we will indeed have some new miniatures to show!

The caveat though is that they’re in a secure case being personally escorted from TTCombat HQ to America, so won’t be there until the weekend. So make sure to stop back on Saturday or Sunday to see what’s new in the cabinets!

For everyone else, we’ll have some proper pictures of what was on show next week in our Gencon round up.


So if you’re coming out to Gencon, make sure to pop by and say hello to the team!

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  1. Any plans to stop at any Canadian events? Would be awesome to be able to get some of those board deals, and of course see product up close and personal!

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