New Releases – Savage Domain

These new scenics are pretty war-torn, but there’s no need to cry about it.

It’s Friday once again and we have a bunch of new scenery to release!

We’ve shown off one of the new Savage Domain kits already, but now we get to show off the other two we didn’t tease this Tuesday.

Abandoned Abbey

Let’s start with our already revealed kit. The Abandoned Abbey. This kit offers a great amount of modularity that will work well with all our other Savage Domain kits.

Castle Town Walls

This castle has seen better days, it’s crumbling walls show a history of neglect, though don’t let that stop you from fighting for it. It offers great cover and obstacles for your minis to hide behind and jump over.

Crumbling Tower

Finally we have the Crumbling Tower. This kit is full of modular parts that let you can combine with the other Savage Domain kits to make some truly expansive tables. The tower at the centre of this kit makes for a great objective building to fight over. The broken apex of the tower is a great vantage point you’ll want to control.

This kit has so much in it, I’m not sure how we managed to fit it all in! Like the rest of our Savage Domain kits this kit is available to buy right now over on the TTCombat store.

Event Time!

Not only do we have new scenery available, we also have our event exclusives up on our store during the Gencon weekend. Returning are some old favourites like UCM light cruisers as well as some new(ish) faces, like the Carnevale Classics Raadru!

Halflings Galore!

During Gencon we have a great deal on Halfling armies. We have not one, but two deals, with A Halfling Battalion and Undead Halfling Horde. These both contain a sizeable army at a sizeable saving. This is the first time these are available outside our kickstarter and will go off of sale at the end of Gencon, so pick them up quick!

As always our new releases are available here!

That’s it for this week, though it won’t be the last you’ll see of our Savage Domain scenery. We’ll be bringing you more of it next week. Check back next Tuesday for some teases of what’s to come!

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