WIP Wednesday – Desert of the Dead MUMMIES

It’s time to venture back into the desert!

Hello everyone, and welcome to another WIP Wednesday!

A couple of weeks ago we talked about a forthcoming Kickstarter campaign, and last week we showed some new scenery being made for it.

Today we’re going to look at some 3D renders for three regiments in the Kickstarter. Oh and we can now reveal the name of the Kickstarter (it’s in the title!):

The Desert of the Dead will be opening for business soon!

As always on Work in Progress Wednesday, these renders are a WORK IN PROGRESS! There may (and will) be some changes between now and the campaign, and of course further changes between the Kickstarter and final release.

Anyway, enough disclaimer – onto the miniatures!

We’re starting off with a quintessential unit in any desert themed undead army: archers. The Mummy Archers lurch up to their firing positions before letting loose a hail of arrows. They may not be all that accurate (most of them are likely to have no eyeballs after all), but they will hunt you relentlessly!

Next up we have a Mummy Swordsman. No mass fantasy battle army is complete without plenty of these, and the Desert of the Dead armies are no exception!

With a vicious looking khopesh and a highly adorned shield, this mummy is really ready for battle.

Finally in our sneak peek today we have a Mummy Spearman. This is one of my favourite sculpts so far (that’s why we get a back view too), so I hope it stays similar in the final product!

I love the detailing in the armour and the tattered cloak, as well as how much dynamism there is in this single-piece miniature!


The Desert of the Dead campaign will be launching soon – we’ll let you know all about it when it does! Expect lots of cool new miniatures for evocative armies, as well as plenty of monsters for use in any game, and a couple of cross over minis for our own games too!

For more information, keep popping back to TTCommunity, and if you want to check out any of our fantasy terrain (with more coming this Friday!) pop by the TTCombat webstore.

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