Teaser Tuesday – Designed for Infinity

Another wave of Infinity releases incoming!

Adding to our last wave of releases we have some great kits going up on our store at the end of the week. These are all purpose designed for Infinity and will look right at home on your sci-fi tables.

First up we have the Neon Barricades, these snazzy barriers include sections of light attracting green acrylic to give a hazardous feel to your table. They’re also designed with Aristeia, if full contact sport is more your thing.

Our second teaser is for the Prefab Chem Lab. Perfect for making life saving pharmaceuticals, or just cooking up a storm.

To go with the Prefab Chem Lab we have the Prefab Beta. A great building for starting a colony or adding to an existing one to give a bit more habitable space.

These new (pre)fab buildings will be available on our store on friday, so make sure to check back for their release!

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