Monday Suburban Motivation

This weeks Monday Motivation comes from someone in the TTCombat offices. Lewis has used several of our MDF and Resin products to create this ruined house.

Lewis has been going on for weeks about this project of his using our products and today he bought it in to the office. So we thought we’d show it off and you can see what you can do with some imagination and modelling skills. Everything on this base is a TTCombat scenery product.

He used the Ruined Two Story Suburban Building  For the main part and then a load of our Resin Accesories to add details to the house so it looks like someone lived her before it collapsed.

Well done Lewis (I have to say that).

If you have a project you are really proud of using any of our products please send photos in to It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, just something inspiring.


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