New Releases, New Infinity

It’s time for round 2 of our Infinity terrain!

We’ve got four brand new Infinity kits today. Partnered with Corvus Belli, these new Sci-Fi Utopia kits are designed specifically for Infinity – an official range of affordable (and gorgeous) MDF scenery!

Our first kit is the massive Plaza Complex.

This huge thing makes an incredible centrepiece, with barriers around the edge to shield your models. This piece takes up a massive 47cm square, which fills up a good chunk of your board. What’s more, the other buildings in the range are designed to fit nicely on the side, so you can make a really populated area.

That’s not all though – the Plaza comes apart into five different pieces! The four sides split off, leaving the statue in the centre as the fifth piece. This means you can add smaller raised sections all over your board!

Next up we have an accessories set. The Streetlight Set contains 9 lights with funky acrylic top pieces. These tall bois give your battlefield a little more spice, and while they don’t provide much cover, they’re great for outfitting your gaming space with a bit more detail.

The Tri Building is a fairly formidable kit!

It’s a crazy triple design that really helps to break up the typical boxes of scenery on your board. It’s festooned in sci-fi detailing, from the big fan on top to the 45 degree panes on the windows.

The best bit about the Tri Building though is that it’s modular with other Tri Buildings! You can stack them up on top of each other to make a big tower block. If you want a populated looking board (or a sci-fi slum), a few Tri Buildings is a great start.

Lastly this week we have a companion to the above, the Tri Walkway. This cut down kit provides a covered walkway in the same shape as the Tri Building. This means it can be stacked up on top of the Tri Building to make really easy tall structures. While it doesn’t have all of the homey touches of the building, the Walkway is great to fight inside!

At only £7, a few of these together will make a great connected board with multiple levels for playing.


If you’d like to pick up any of these kits, head over to the TTCombat webstore. Order over the weekend and we’ll ship them out to you early next week. Your Infinity board can be super dense and exciting at a great price!

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