Stellaris – Ether Drake

It’s time for a little Stellaris news – get ready!

If you didn’t know by now, we’re going to be making a tabletop game based on Stellaris. We’re partnering with Paradox to produce the game, which will be going to Kickstarter soon!

For those that missed the announcement (where were you?), check it out here.

We also unveiled that we will be doing a prelude KS campaign for an Ether Drake scale model replica. This is coming real soon, so we thought we’d bring you some renders of the model itself. I don’t really know why I’m still typing, since everyone is already looking at the pictures, aren’t you?

And that’s just the first model! We have plenty more cool things to come.

We’re sending this sculpt to the resin room now, and they’re gearing up to get it 3D printed. We’ll have some more pictures for you showing that very soon, so make sure to check in at TTCommunity for all your Stellaris tabletop game news!

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  1. so will the stellaris game be a wargame? with the modularity from the stellaris ship designer translated to resin components?

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