Extremely exciting news incoming!

We have a massive announcement today!

First unveiled at UK Games Expo, we can confirm that we have partnered with Paradox Interactive to produce a tabletop game based on their best-selling grand strategy game Stellaris.

We’re in early stages of development at the moment, so are limited in what we’re able to say just now. But here are a few bullet points:

  • We will be taking the game to Kickstarter.
  • There will be two campaigns – a pre-launch Kickstarter for a scale miniature of the Ether Drake, and then a full campaign for the game itself.
  • The game will play very much like Stellaris, but on your tabletop!

We’ll have more information coming out over the coming months, including development progress, early rules, and some events we’ll be attending with Paradox to show off prototype versions of the game.

Needless to say we’re ecstatic to be working with Paradox, and extremely excited to show all the progress on Stellaris. Most of us have been playing the videogame for a long time now, and those that are new to it have jumped in with both feet!

Stay tuned to TTCommunity for more information as and when we have it!


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  1. Whaou that’s cool !
    What could be cool too, would be a DropFleet Commander DLC for Stellaris, it would be epic seing those beautiful ships fighting in space !

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