WIP Wednesday – From the Sands

It’s a spoooooky WIP Wednesday today!

Hello horror fans! And Egyptian fans. And just everyone else really.

For today’s Work in Progress Wednesday, we’re going to have a sneak peek at a new Kickstarter coming your way very soon.

Hot off the heels of our last Kickstarter campaign for Halflings and Fantasy Friends (1000% funded!) we have our next miniatures-only project. This time we’re going to the desert to unearth some undead monstrosities.

We started making fantasy miniatures years ago with our Fantasy Heroes range, but recently got stuck into full armies. The Halflings will be available at retail soon, so if you missed out, there’s not long to wait.

Old school fantasy fans will be jumping in their seats, or shambling their way to throw money at the screen when they see what we have in this project!

We’re going to show a few pieces of art today to whet your appetites (do mummies have appetites?).

A skeleton/mummy champion is first, with a fierce looking blade and fiercer looking face (or lack thereof).

The champion is accompanied by a musician, wrapped in bandages and ready to bang those drums to get the workers working and the fighters fighting.

Finally today we have a mummy standard bearer, complete with flowing and tattered banner.


If these are getting you excited, we’ll have more teasers to show you very soon on TTCommunity before the campaign launches. And don’t worry, we’ll be talking about it plenty during that time and giving you handy links to the Kickstarter page!

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  1. I have been VERY impressed with the quality of the miniatures I have purchased from you in the past, and I have been a HUGE fan of acient Egyptian fantasy for ages… they were the first fantasy army I collected… Whenever this hits, I am going aaaaallll in!!!!

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