UK Games Expo Recap

The Rumblebus is parked, so what went on?

We went to Birmingham last week to the UK’s biggest gaming event, and it was a lot of fun!

The TTCombat stand was busy all weekend, with people stopping by to see all the cool goodies and try out our games!

We didn’t take any new previews this event, since the big thing was available there!

Battle for Earth

Battle for Earth was available to buy for the first time. We had 150 copies on pre-sale that we got in advance from our printer, and they all went!

In fact, they went so quickly that we had to keep some back for Saturday and Sunday as well!

We had loads of people dropping by to pick up the book and chat all things Dropzone and Dropfleet. We talked about the ridiculous number of Resistance ships that could be built, and about the changes to the Dropzone Commander rules in this edition. I played a lot of demos to show both veteran Zoners and new players what this new version is all about.

Event Boards

We also had our ridiculous Event Boards for sale, and its always a bit of a competition over which one does best. We place bets on it throughout the weekend!

The winner this time was our Venetian Quarter deal! It’s not surprising really. With Carnevale flying off the shelves (in no small part thanks to the awesome demos being run all weekend) and the chance to use the set for all sorts of other games, it was a sure thing!



A wild Dave appeared!

That’s right, just for Sunday Dave joined us on the stand and joined me in chatting to the guys at OnTableTop, which is always a treat! Be sure to comment on the video for a chance to win one of the two (massive) prizes we put up for them.

We were able to show off some new miniatures too, including the show Exclusives, which are still available on the TTCombat webstore to celebrate Battle for Earth and for Origins game fair over in the States next week.

The Big One

And of course, the big news for the event was Stellaris.

We’ll be making a tabletop version of the popular grand strategy video game, partnering with Paradox to produce a fully licensed game. You can read the full announcement here!

This is a massive thing for us to announce, and we hope everyone here will get super psyched over the coming months. We certainly are! Those of you that play Stellaris reading this are already likely throwing money at your screens, but for those out of the loop, check out the game on Steam or the console edition on Playstation and Xbox. It’s great, but don’t start unless you’ve got time to spare, because it will consume you.

All Our Fans

I love UK Games Expo because I get to chat to everyone that loves our games and scenery. I always get to meet new faces, and often those that we interact with online every day. To everyone out there that came to say hi to any of us, thank you! We love going to events to meet you all, and for everyone we didn’t get as much time with we apologise – it’s always so busy, we’d take an hour with each of you if we could!

We had demos for all of our games running all weekend, and that’s something that wouldn’t have been possible without our loyal volunteers. Dan, Charles, and Mark worked tirelessly to bring our games to everyone that stopped by the stand, and we’d like to give them all a massive THANK YOU! You all did such an amazing job – I’ve played demos of countless other games, and it’s always great to have the fans themselves show you how it’s done.


Phew! That’s everything for today. Whether you like Carnevale, Tabletop Scenics, Battle for Earth, or now Stellaris – keep popping back to TTCommunity to get all the latest news!

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